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The automatic PVC welding machine is designed to weld plastic materials. The automatic welding machine can weld advertising inkjet fabric, inkjet cloth, light box cloth, thick PVC cloth, mesh cloth, tarpaulin and other PVC, PE, DHPE, LDPE, EVA, PP plastic materials that can be hot melted. It is small, light and easy to operate. It is equipped with temperature feedback sensor. The sensor can always be used for monitoring the temperature of the outlet to keep a constant temperature on the PVC Welder. It uses advanced PID control technology, and adjust the power to make the temperature more constant automatically?the fluctuation is within 5 degrees. This function can make the welding result stronger. It also can avoid leakage. This machine is more suited to fast welding of large roofs.

This product is based on hot air welding technique, using principles of self-propelled hot together, after a large number of continuous improvement, this product is equipped withprecison gear, heat resistant rubber rolling wheels, finished stainless steel, high-performance hot air.

LC-15 Smart type: Suitable for advertising industry, inkjet fabric, light box cloth, Knife cloth, mesh clothPVC, PE hot melt plastic membranes welding process


  • Rated Voltage : AC 110-240V
  • Power :1000-3000W
  • Speed Scope :1-15m/min
  • Weight: 15-20 Kg
  • Frequency 50-60Hz
  • Temperature Scope: 0-500C
  • Sepecification: 41X25X20cm
  • Splicing Width:2-5cm


  • No glue splicing
  • Temperature adjustable speed
  • Feedback sensor included
  • Real time monitoring and control temperature
  • Adjust wind speed
  • No matter how long the mosaic images are, welding mossaic results will not change.

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